Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Flower Nature

This is a nice pattern so this time I made it so that there were lots of this pattern on the page I took the thought of the more there is the better it is.

Flower Nature

This pattern is with a green theme & It looks really nice. I have made the pattern look more complicated than just a yellow background with pics on it I now have a flower.

Nature Pattern

This is a simple version of a nature pattern with some of the pictures I drew with pencil to scan into the computer.
This pattern does look nice but I think it is too simple & I will make something more complicated like.
This is another Circle Pattern but done with a pink background I think a girl would love this pattern for a duvet cover or throw for there bed.

Circle Pattern

This Pattern was made by just using loads of circles & copying them.
I thought that this showed a different example of a pattern & looks really nice.

Star Pattern

I think this pattern looks really nice I think it would look great on a little bag one you take to a evening meal or something like a disco.

Arrow Pattern

This pattern is a bigger version of my arrow Pattern.

Arrow Pattern

This is an example of an arrow pattern but I have Made this One Green.

Shapes Pattern

I think this pattern looks really good as you have the red & yellow squares with a shape in them I drew the shapes myself & then scanned them in with all the tracing & expanding ten colouring them brown this is my finished design.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

3 Year Old Girld Bedroom Wallpaper

This is my research Page into girls wallpaper designs I have looked at a whole lot more than this shown here but these are just some of my ideas & some Pictures that i have found of the B&Q website.

Teenager Bag Design

This is my research Page into bag designs to give me ideas of what I could do for my bag Pattern Design When I make my Patterns.

Boys Stationary Set

This is my Research Page into Boys Stationary sets,
This is to give me ideas of what I could include in my Pattern.
When I make My Patterns.

Boys Stationary Set Pattern

This is my Stationary Set Pattern I think this pattern is great for a year 1 pupil who is around 5 years old I think the arrows are great as boys like symbols & things at that kind of age I think the words Boys Only they will love as this adds a sense of security as only these boys will have the pattern & no girls will.

Maths Room Pattern

This is my same maths pattern but this time it is red instead of blue I thing the red & yellow stand out really well making this pattern really good.

Maths Room Pattern

This Pattern is for a maths room as you can probably tell I like this Pattern as I feel it has a good style to it I feel it will look great on a maths room ceiling & make the room a whole lot more happy.

Girls Wallpaper For Bedroom

I have Changed the shade of this pattern.

Monkey Pattern

This is another of my Monkey Patterns which I feel would look really good on my bag design pattern as it has like that kind of grove to it & With the bubbles in the background it looks really good I did this so the pattern would stand out this is what a teenager would love to have for their bag something that stands out really well.

Girls Wallpaper For Bedroom

This is my pattern for a 3 year old girls bedroom I drew the cakes with different faces on them so they added a child like theme to the pattern I added the wings to the pattern so this made it look like the cake was like a fairy as with my research I found out that lots of young children like things such as faces & fairies, I think that this pattern shows a real example of a wallpaper for a girls room of the age provided to me I chose the background of 2 different shades of pink strips & girls of this age like the colour pink.

Friday, 6 February 2009

Bag Design

This is my monkey pattern which i think is really good for my bag design as i think it would look really nice on a bag.